Dear citizens and visitors,

we welcome you to the website of the municipality of Igram, through which we would like to bring you the latest information from the life of the municipality and its government.

The municipality of Igram is located in the northeastern part of the Bratislava Self-Governing Region, next to the municipalities Kaplna, Čataj, Cífer and Blatné. The village has 575 inhabitants (as of December 31, 2016) and an area of 8.3 km2.

The oldest preserved written mention of the village from 1244 is characterizing the seat as the home of igrici, old Slavonic musicians and artists. This tradition has kept the community faithful even today, when it cultivates rich musical traditions and talents.

We believe that the information portal of the municipality will became a benefit for both residents and visitors to the knowledge of both historical and current Igram.